Coupon Usage

Unless otherwise stated all coupons are IN-STORE ONLY.

Any coupons eligible to be used online will clearly state this in the title and description, as well as on the coupon itself.

Coupon eligibility is entirely at the discretion of each individual store. 

This means that store managers or cashiers can choose to decline any coupon for any reason. Every coupon we collect and deliver to customers will verify this statement in the fine print written by the retailer.

Using self checkout is the most consistent way to utilize coupons from the internet. 

Often times the coupon bar-code can simply be scanned like an item during the self checkout process. While cashiers are able to scan coupons as well, due to high turnover rates, it's not uncommon for them to be unaware of that week/month's promotion.

The cost of the order must be above the minimum threshold BEFORE TAX.

items: $99.80
tax: $6.99
total: $106.79

If I tried to use a $20 off $100 coupon on this order it WOULD NOT work. The coupon will either appear as already used or apply no discount to the total.

Scenarios that coupons CANNOT be used:

- items already have a coupon applied to them.
- using Military discount
- using Employee discount
- price adjusted via Lowe's low price guarantee
- Lowe’s volume or special discount programs like QSP, manager discretion price adjustments, contractor packs, etc..
- used to purchase any of the following:
- extended protection/replacement plans
- shipping, delivery or assembly charges
- fees or taxes
- gift cards
- brands: NXR, AGA, MARVEL, Bosch Benchmark, Heartland, ICON, Fisher & Paykel, Monogram, Smeg, Liebherr appliances, Weber, Kichler

No items fitting the above scenarios can be in the order at the time of purchase otherwise the coupon will appear used or appear to apply no discount.